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The tracking is one of the most ambitious lesson for dogs. To ease the tracking in the future, working-dog created an app which helps dog handlers to localize and document the track and also the items easier. The app shall help and support dog handlers during the practice.Features:• Recording of the track through GPS• Show the track on a card with current GPS position• Optional Login with your working-dog account: o synchronize your tracks among all your devices o review your tracks on working-dog, including a statistic over all your synchronized tracks• Capture additional information: o Items on the track o Environmental conditions (e.g. weather, time of day, wind direction) o Capture the environment/ground• Run a track with your dog• Save, edit and administrate the tracks• Capture if the dog found items• Multilingualism (German, Englisch)• Weather information will be directly recalled from the weather service and determined on the basis of the position of your track